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Tony Dimech
Commercial Director

It’s common knowledge that the most difficult security nut to crack is the ‘human factor’; most companies recognise the problem but don’t know how to address it. Layer 8’s products and services take over from where the ‘Tech’ leaves off. Our ever growing list of satisfied customers proves that the ROI more than justifies the expenditure. And after all the more savvy your employees are, the safer your business is.

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Amanda Price
Operations Director

We are currently living through a revolution in communication, and decisions we make about privacy and data-security now will have an impact on generations to come. I’m passionate about helping people to be empowered to defend the security of their homes and their place of work.

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Sarah Janes
Managing Director

When we started Layer 8 one of the key questions for us was: How can we deliver culture change in a way, and at a price, that is accessible to all? Working with my colleagues at Layer 8 brought a completely fresh approach to this question. We have considered each and every aspect of our offering combining our decades of experience in different fields. I’m excited to see the culture change we’ve brought about in our customers’ organisations.

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Mike Carter
Head of Content

I’ve always been fascinated by the way face-to-face conversations, stories and performances shape a culture – and these things are a key feature of all our work at Layer 8. One of the aspects of my work with the company that excites me most is being a witness to the transformation of a security culture. This is itself a dramatic process: people engage in dialogue, they perform actions and a story of change unfolds – with employees playing their part as protagonists of a new future.

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