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Human problems need human solutions. Top-down security policy, technocratic communications and sanctions for non-compliance don’t work: they don’t change behaviours and they don’t bring about the security culture your organisation needs in the 21st century. Only an inclusive, proactive culture, built from the ground up, can create a genuine human firewall.

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There’s a lot of talk about culture change.
We make change happen – instantly!

Layer 8 C-Change is a unique security culture package, which can be tailored to your particular needs, and is designed to kick-start culture change in your organisation and improve employee behaviours.

Our approach is founded on the following principles:

BlueArrowOur employees are the solution – they already want to act securely

BlueArrowShared values create the motivation and momentum for change

BlueArrowOur employees are active stakeholders in the security of their organisation

BlueArrowCollaboratively created security policies stick

BlueArrowConversations change culture – change happens when you bring people together

Changing our conversations changes our security culture.

Case Studies

“Working with Layer 8 has enabled me to make the seemingly impossible, possible.  When we discussed building a security team of 33,000 employees I had difficulty imagining how this could be achieved without spending a lot of money.  Layer 8 have shown me this is possible and provided the framework and support with which to achieve this.  Culture change won’t happen overnight but it began as soon as my conversation started with Layer 8.”

Bernie Auguste (General Manager of Security, Openreach)

“Whenever I meet up with the Layer 8 team, I always come away inspired.”Tony Green (Security Team, Travis Perkins)

Full case studies available on request

Key features of our work

  • People talk about change and make it happen
  • Together, we discover and celebrate what’s already working and build change on that
  • People get passionate about security
  • We engage imaginations and ingenuity in the building of a proactive security culture for your organisation
  • People participate interactively
  • PowerPoint? What’s that?

At Layer 8, we stimulate change by changing the conversations people are having, and we do that by asking the questions that will create new conversations; conversations that will generate new ideas and possibilities.

Interested in a C-Change Workshop?

We use Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry was developed initially by David Cooperrider and Suresh Srivastva of Case Western Reserve University. Over the past four decades, this approach to system change has been used successfully with global corporate organisations, healthcare projects, government departments, and even cities.

Why conversations?

A company’s security culture is a mass of conversations which are shared, exchanged and generated by the people who work for it. These are conversations about what’s important and what isn’t; conversations about how things are done in this organisation and where the buck stops; conversations about what security means individually and why. Talking to one another makes what we do meaningful. In conversations across the organisation, from the Boardroom to the coffee machine, the conversations people are having with each other co-construct the organisation they work in.

“Appreciative Inquiry is a journey during which profound knowledge of a human system at its moments of optimal performance is used to construct the best and highest future of that system.”

Watkins and Mohr

The C-Change workshops we offer

BlueArrowBeginning to Work with AI – A half-day workshop where we introduce participants to the principles of Appreciative Inquiry and understand the possibilities for culture change.

BlueArrowAI in Action – A full-day workshop, where participants go further and develop a more defined response to the AI process.

BlueArrowChange in Action – A two-day workshop where participants immerse themselves in a complete AI process and develop a road-map for culture change across your organisation which they are ready to implement.

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