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About Layer 8

We set Layer 8 up to address the ‘human’ at the heart of cybersecurity. As cybercrime was increasing, we saw the technology market responding with software solutions to stop the bad stuff happening, but there seemed to be very little interest in the human factor in security. In fact, in this respect, the market hadn’t matured at all for the last fifteen years. We heard cries of, “It can’t be done! People just can’t change!” But we had a belief: a belief that if people are engaged in the right way then they can change – and, instead of being ‘the problem’, they can be the solution.

In the last three years, we’ve seen the truth of this: people want to help, they want to protect the people and things that matter to them and they want to know how to do it. We’ve worked with organisations from 100 – 33,000 employees and seen security cultures transform – and it happens through conversation and collaboration.

So if conversation and collaboration is the way to change culture, how can you have a conversation with each and every one of your employees? Through our work with client companies, we developed a model and strategies to recruit and inspire security champions, equipping them with skills and resources to spread the security conversation and improve colleagues’ security behaviours – maturing the culture in the process.

The solutions we have today package our experience, tools and success to help you to transform the security culture of your organisation.
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Sarah Janes – Managing Director

I have spent most of my working life in the field of security awareness, communications and culture change. Having started my career running security awareness at BT, and then moving on to deliver award-winning behavioural change programmes to FTSE 100 clients at The Security Company, I understand issues to do with the ‘human factor’ in security from both sides of the fence. Over that time I’ve see priorities shift: whereas it used to be the case that security communications were simply for compliance purposes, now effective communications need to change behaviour. Merely ticking the compliance box is no longer an option, as businesses of all sizes tell us loud and clear.

When we started Layer 8 one of the key questions for us was: How can we deliver culture change in a way, and at a price, that is accessible to all? Working with my colleagues at Layer 8 brought a completely fresh approach to this question. We have considered each and every aspect of our offering combining our decades of experience in different fields. I’m excited to see the culture change we’ve brought about in our customers’ organisations.


Amanda Price – Operations Director

My expertise lies in the use of effective communications as a means of developing cultural and behavioural change. I came to the security sector having spent the early part of my career working in theatre as a performer, director and academic lecturer. Since 2000 I have shifted my focus to concentrate on the educative and transformative potential of dramatic communications in contexts as diverse as Tanzania and the NHS. In 2013 I co-founded Layer 8 in order to develop and deliver a range of effective solutions for companies wanting to create a proactive security culture.

We are currently living through a revolution in communication, and decisions we make about privacy and data-security now will have an impact on generations to come. I’m passionate about helping people to be empowered to defend the security of their homes and their place of work.


Mike Carter – Head of Content

I have twenty years’ experience as a writer, communicator, and developer of teaching methodologies. My work in security has allowed me to use my expertise in creating stimulating and compelling content for a range of audiences as part of the process of cultural change. Over the course of my working life I have written plays for the professional theatre, directed for the stage, trained teachers, taught in schools and universities, and led numerous applied drama projects with diverse community groups. I’ve spoken on training methodologies at international conferences and at the House of Commons. I’m a regular contributor to the Analogies Project and I recently presented a paper on collaboration as a key feature of security culture at an ISF UK Chapter Meeting.

I’ve always been fascinated by the way face-to-face conversations, stories and performances shape a culture – and these things are a key feature of all our work at Layer 8. One of the aspects of my work with the company that excites me most is being a witness to the transformation of a security culture. This is itself a dramatic process: people engage in dialogue, they perform actions and a story of change unfolds – with employees playing their part as protagonists of a new future.


Tony Dimech – Commercial Director

I’ve spent my working life in sales and business development, running training initiatives in over twenty countries for some of the world’s best-known companies. Fifteen years ago I started my own company. In that time I’ve trained, coached and developed hundreds of salespeople, managers and directors. My training style focuses on getting delegates out of their comfort zones and motivated to use new ideas and techniques – a great fit with what we are setting out to achieve for our customers at Layer 8.  My courses have received rave reviews from delegates, managers and stakeholders. My first book, Don’t Sell, We’re British, explores why selling is seen in a more professional light in America than it is here in the UK.

I am excited about the launch of the Layer 8 Toolkit, and I’m getting a lot of positive feedback already about the ways in which the material speaks directly and effectively to users. For a long time we’ve known that the most difficult security nut to crack is the ‘human factor’; I’m convinced that our product does the job and I’m proud to be heading up the sales process.


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