Layer 8’s ‘People in Security’ Webinar Series

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Layer 8’s webinar series is designed to offer listeners a ‘people-centred’ perspective on digital security in the workplace.

‘People Hacking’ is now the number one choice for criminals wanting to gain access to business assets. Why? Because it’s easier and less time consuming than cracking the company firewall, and it requires little technical knowledge to fool people into handing over passwords, ID numbers, and authorisation codes. Social Engineering is on the rise in the UK, with phishing, smishing, spear phishing, and face-to-face fraud costing the business community over a billion pounds in 2016.

At Layer 8 we are committed to engaging, and educating employees to become proactive security defenders and advocates within the workplace. We use engaging comms, interactive workshops, and scenario-based learning which makes security ‘personal’, value-driven, and compelling. Our webinars offer:

  • Information on current threats and issues.
  • Advice for security teams wanting to engage employees.
  • Tips and exercises designed to get employees thinking about security.
  • Case studies from the businesses we have worked with.
  • Expert content from guest speakers.

“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” – creating the business case for security culture.

For security professionals in large and small companies, it’s a constant challenge to ‘sell’ security culture to the board/boss or c-suite.

If you’re looking for a clear and concise guide to creating a compelling security culture change business case, join us for the first in our new series of ‘people in security’ webinars.

Below is a list of past and present webinars. If you would like to listen to a webinar recording, just click on the link to be taken to it.

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“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” – Creating the business case for security culture.

PRESENTERS: Sarah Janes, Mike Carter, Amanda Price

SCHEDULED TIME: Thurs September 2017: 11.00am-11.30am

70% of current cyberattacks use a blend of phishing and social engineering with the human factor being the most popular attack vector.

Predictions from security professionals suggest that the trend is only going to grow. So what’s the answer?

• More tech?
• More automation?
• More policies?
• More data?

The hard truth is that none of these are going to work.
None of these will work if there isn’t a security culture in place.

Human beings aren’t the weakest link, they are the lynchpin, and if they aren’t ‘switched on’ to protecting your customers and data, there will be a breach, followed by fines and reputational loss.
Building the case for security culture is something more and more businesses are starting to tackle.

Benefits of Registering for this Free 30 Minute Webinar:

Find out how to:
• Make your argument clearly for the c-suite.
• Demonstrate the benefits of developing a strong security culture.
• Switch on your human firewall.
• Set cultural goals and measure progress.


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BYOD – Working Collaboratively to Develop Secure Mobile Practices

PRESENTERS Tony Dimech, Mike Carter, Kate Russell (Russell HR Consulting)

SCHEDULED TIME Tues June 27 2017: 11.00am-12.00pm

Love it or loathe it, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) looks like it’s here to stay.

Recent IDC research predicts that a whopping 80% of Europe’s workforce will be working from mobile devices by 2018. BYOD is revolutionising the way we work and the benefits are obvious, but what about the potential security concerns? Are your employees using unprotected personal devices at work? Are they aware of the precautions they need to take when accessing business data on a mobile? With the Independent Commissioners office (ICO) reporting that 62% of data breaches are caused by human error, BYOD requires careful people management to avoid it being a major vulnerability for small and medium businesses.

Benefits of Registering for this Free 60 Minute Webinar:

  • Practical advice on developing an effective BYOD policy.
  • What device? The pros and cons of Apple and Android.
  • Managing access to business data.
  • Working with employees collaboratively to develop buy-in for an ‘Acceptable Use’ document.

We’ll be joined by guest speaker Kate Russell from Russell HR Consulting. Kate brings an unusual and unique combination of legal qualifications, hands on line management, and HR experience. She believes in creating robust solutions to management problems, which place people at the heart of them.

Kate believes that HR could be the missing link for cybersecurity teams, and she’s passionate about finding efficient and effective ways to engage end-users and develop proactive security culture.


 Is It Possible To Measure Cultural Change

PRESENTERS Sarah Janes. Amanda Price, Richard Mayall (Acuity Risk Management) 

SCHEDULED TIME Tues May 23rd 2017: 11.00am-12.00pm

Has Your Security Culture Got Teeth?

Security culture is perceived as soft, subjective and hard to measure and track. Not so! Layer 8 and Richard Mayall, from Acuity Risk Management, will be talking about how you can ensure your security culture is tough enough to fight off phishing, ransomware and other evolving cyber threats to your business’ success – and you have the measurements to prove it!
During this valuable 60-minute webinar you will learn:

• Where to gather data from?
• What data is useful to the business, and why?
• Using metrics to align culture with business success.
• Understanding how risk analysis supports cultural measurement.
• Measurement tools.

Guest Speaker: Richard Mayall – Acuity Risk Management

Richard Mayall has 28 years’ experience in high assurance real-time software engineering, information security and risk management.

Under Richard’s technical leadership, Acuity evolved STREAM Cyber Risk Platform from proof of concept to deployed solution within two years.


The Hackers Perspective – Helping Employees Identify Security Vulnerabilities

PRESENTERS Sarah Janes, Mike Carter, Amanda Price

SCHEDULED TIME Tues April 25 2017: 11.00am-12.00pm

Planning an attack on your own company can offer the best means of driving the security message home, whilst maintaining a light and engaging approach to security awareness, after all – didn’t we all want to be the villain in games when we were kids? Layer 8 has worked with companies from 10-33,000 employees using this approach, in time-slots ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours, and in each case, we have left employees feeling motivated to change insecure behaviours, enthusiastic to protect the business assets, and confident that they understood the importance of taking responsibility as a frontline defender against the hackers. This webinar will provide a rationale for using this approach, a series of practical tips for getting employees on-board with the approach, and a detailed framework for utilising local employee knowledge to expose security vulnerabilities, and find effective ways to strengthen existing defences.


Creating an Effective Security Champions Network

PRESENTERS Tony Dimech, Amanda Price, Sarah Janes

SCHEDULED TIME Tues March 28th 2017: 11.00am – 12.00am

One of the most successful strategies for engaging employees in cybersecurity issues is the development of a Security Champions, or Security Advocates network. Research suggests that when security communications are supported and enthusiastically communicated by peers, as well as the leadership, they have a far higher success rate than those issued from an anonymous source. Layer 8 has run a number of highly successful Security Champion programmes, and has seen the speed at which an effective and proactive security culture can grow from just a handful of advocates who are committed to spreading the word, changing behaviours, and making the workplace secure. The goal is always to have a business made up of employees, all of whom consider themselves Security Champions – this webinar will offer practical tips for choosing your champions, guidelines on how to set up a self-managing Champions network, and practical advice on how to develop the network over time.


Ready, Steady, Go! Incorporating Security Awareness Into Your Company’s Induction Programme

PRESENTERS Mike Carter, Amanda Price, Sarah Janes

SCHEDULED TIME Tues Feb 28th 2017: 9.15-10.15am

Creating an effective security culture for your business means that from the moment a new employee starts work, they know that an integral part of their role will be taking responsibility as a proactive security protector of the business’ assets. If this crucial message is absent early on, security will be likely to remain an ‘add-on’ for that employee for as long as they remain with the company. Layer 8 often talk to businesses that understand the importance of an engaging induction session on security, but the security team lack the time or resources to work with HR on creating it. The alliance between HR and Security is one which we see as growing in importance as the cybersecurity threats diversify, and so we have developed a range of resources and strategies for making the process manageable, and advantageous to both security and HR professionals. This webinar will discuss ways in which new employees can be introduced to security awareness using engaging scenario-based training, or data licenses which will demonstrate their knowledge growth throughout their time with the company. We will look at the ways in which HR and Security teams can support one another in promoting and spreading best practice, and outline the business case for resourcing this key input at induction.


The Human Factor: Embedding Security Behaviours for Cyber Aware Culture

PRESENTERS Sarah Janes, Mike Carter, Amanda Price, Bernie Auguste (Openreach)

SCHEDULED TIME Tues Nov 29th 2016: 11.00am-12.00pm

According to a new report from Node4, human error is now considered to be the biggest security threat to a business. Whilst the majority of businesses have a security policy, the problem is that around half of employees do not consider themselves ‘cyber-savvy’ and don’t know what responsible security behaviours are. Many security professionals struggle to know how to get employees to understand their responsibilities and translate them into secure behaviours.

So how can we get employees to become proactive defenders both at work and at home? Layer 8 works with large and small organisations who are growing their own proactive security culture. This webinar will offer tried and tested methods for getting buy-in from employees; introduce behaviour change strategies that work, and demonstrate these approaches through case studies from businesses where culture change is being effectively implemented.

GDPR: A Hands-On Approach

PRESENTERS Tony Dimech, Sarah Janes, Mike Carter

SCHEDULED TIME Wed Jan 25th 2017: 9.30-10.30am

What Impact Could GDPR Have on Your Business?
2017 will be year when GDPR will be on everybody’s mind. Whether your business is just starting to prepare for this new regulation, or you’re already on track to meet the new requirement in 2018, this is a great opportunity to put security culture at the top of the Board’s agenda, and use 25.05.18 as a focus to set new goals for proactive security protection with your advocates/champions network or security team. This webinar considers the benefits of involving employees in the process of preparing for GDPR, provides simple activities to ‘put the human back into the data’ and offers a case study of one organisation that has worked with Layer 8 to create a successful strategy for implementing data security across all departments.


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